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Frequently Asked Questions

Sources of Color was created by KQ Communications, a full-service PR firm, as a direct response to the need for more diverse sources being featured in news stories. This platform is a solution for journalists, PR professionals and independent sources to efficiently match their collective interests in telling inclusive stories with credibility and integrity.

Using Sources of Color, PR pros can pitch and land placements for their clients of color using customized matching and a range of communication features. Also, a portion of proceeds will help fund scholarships for students of color administered by the Public Relations Society of America.

  • Public Relations Professionals Who Represent Sources (Clients)

  • Journalists

  • Independent Sources (e.g. experts, business owners, everyday people, etc.)

People who identify as African American, Black or Indigenious; of African, or Asian descent; Latino,Hispanic or any non-white race or ethnicity.

We encourage you to sign up each of your clients of color, so they can become a platform source and use your email address as the contact. Also, if you are an expert of color in any specific area, you should enter yourself as well.

You can create profiles for an unlimited number of sources on the platform.

Each source will have a unique login to manage their activity. Check out our video tutorial for an overview of the experience HERE.

No, PR representation is not required. In addition to subject matter experts, entrepreneurs and community leaders, journalists are often looking for everyday people who have a unique story to share.

No. Any source with a profile on the platform remains represented by its existing PR firm or publicists and independent sources represent themselves.

You will receive a confirmation email when you have been approved as a source. If you are a PR professional with multiple profiles for the clients you represent, you will receive a confirmation for each source.

Each source is pre-vetted before they are submitted into our pool for searchability. Additionally, our team works to ensure all source information is current.

We are working on an app for Phase II, but currently, the site is responsive for all devices.

Our decision to provide free membership to journalists is based on extensive market research, including journalists’ feedback to uphold the industry’s ethical standards by not paying to search for or secure sources on third-party platforms.

As a journalist or source, you have the capability to upload information about your current stories, products or services.

You can cancel your membership with us at any time by selecting the DELETE ACCOUNT option on the Account Settings page.

If payment is not made, your profile will be given a 30-day grace period before being removed to ensure only active profiles are available to searching journalists.

The site uses the third-party payment vendor, No party affiliated with SOC has access to any personal or credit card information.